Taiwan to introduce stricter driver’s license test

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Taiwan to introduce stricter driver’s license test May 1

Taipei, April 29 (CNA)
Applicants hoping to get a driver’s license in Taiwan will be required to pass a road test, in addition to a written test and an off-road test, with effect from May 1.
Currently, applicants for license to drive light vehicles are required to pass only a written test and a simulated road test at a closed off-road course.

Beginning May 1, however, they will have to take a road test as well and score at least 85 on the written exam and 70 on both the road and off-road tests. The new rules also emphasize safe driving habits, requiring applicants to check their surroundings, tires and the underside of their vehicles cars before going on the road. Read more about the Taiwan’s stricter driver’s license test

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